Birchwood Laboratories LLC, manages both production and distribution of products from three distinct divisions. Each division and brand are leaders in their respective industries and include Birchwood Contract Manufacturing, Birchwood Medical, and Birchwood Technologies.

Birchwood Contract Manufacturing

Packaging & Private

  • Mixing, Filling, Testing & Packaging
  • Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical & Industrial
  • USP Purified Water System
  • Testing: HPLC, IR, pH, Viscosity & Specific Gravity
Birchwood Laboratories Medical Division

Quality Products
for Healthcare

  • AER Witch Hazel Medicated Pads & Towelettes
  • Scopettes Large-Tip Applicators
  • B-Sure Incontinence Care Products
  • LiquiCell Medical Technology
Birchwood Technologies

Metal Finishing Systems
& Processes

  • Coatings for Iron, Steel & Aluminum
  • Rust Preventives & Decorative Finishes
  • Cleaners & Preps
  • Process Equipment & Tank Lines